Perez Elementary School

Year 2 - Grade 6

Final Reflections

A great deal of things worked well this year! The collaboration with Ms. De Guzman was very effective. We have complimentary skills, abilities, and personalities. It was nice to come into a classroom that had a great foundation of musical skills. The students respected Ms. De Guzman, and have gained a great deal from her classes. I think our "big idea" and the overall format of the year worked very well. The students were able to build an entire show in 20 sessions. That is a great accomplishment. Building a show allowed the students to write, read, edit, compose, perform and many other things. We were able to successfully incorporate literacy and musical learning. Working with the other teacher was enjoyable and they were all very supportive. Having the performance during the fine arts festival helped the community to see the kind of work we are doing with the CAPE program.

Some of the 6th grade students didn't show up to the final event. I think we need to find a better way to make sure all the students feel the importance of the final event. If there was a way to include the parents or make it part of their grade that may help. I found it very frustrating that some of the teachers do not respond to emails promptly. I use the internet for the majority of my communications, and having to discuss things in person was very difficult. The fact that I started late in the year didn't allow for enough pre-planning. Next year I would like to have more planning time before we start. I wish there was a way to put up more pictures and video than just 3. If there was a teacher/researcher forum that wasn't public then I could put comments and media up on that.

I'm still not clear about some to the web-site formatting. I would also like to learn more about the reflection sheets we gave the students to fill out.

I would like to build on the ideas we worked on this year. I think having multiple opportunities to reflect over the year would help students to practice thinking about what they have accomplished.

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