Final Reflections

Watercolor Landscapes

All of the collaboration with the teachers and students. -Monica Skylas, visual arts teacher Lots of writing in the journal. -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist Collaboration between art teacher and the teaching artist. Having the necessary resources to enhance project. Students journaling. -Karen Towns, 4th grade teacher

Having the children draw their own landscapes in the 4th grade. Although they still liked this original drawings just as well as the ones they painted. -Monica Skylas, visual arts teacher Not enough time in reflection. We need to schedule it more closely, not every session. -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist More time possibly to create additional artwork. -Karen Towns, 4th grade teacher

Do we have to stay with the same identical topic for next year and how do we use the students who weren't in the proceeding class working on the new projects? -Monica Skylas, visual arts teacher What materials will work again? What if we try something new? Are there other areas the teachers want to explore? -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist How did students develop their ideas for t-shirts? What was the prior knowledge that each student must have? -Karen Towns, 4th grade teacher

If color and poetry continues in 4th grade, I would like to create a more 3-D work to represent the poetry and color relationship. More conversation with students at the end of the projects-critique perse. -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist Freedom of expression words written on t-shirts Power point presentation of students work -Karen Towns, 4th grade teacher

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