Final Reflections

The project was a great learning experience for my students. I observed positive interaction amongst my students and the artist. They were having fun while focusing on different ways of expressing themselves through fine arts. -Pam Terry, 5th grade teacher The variety of materials students used to create their self-portraits kept their interest and they really experimented with these material. -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist All of the collaboration with the teachers and students. -Monica Skylas, visual arts teacher

Next time we do the Real Me/Alter Ego self portrait, we will choose a different art media for the real side. The colored pencil was too light in value and could not be seen well from a distance. -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist My only suggestion for the next year is for my students to use different pastel oils (or another medium) for the "Real Me" and "Alter Ego" portraits, for a greater contrast in color. Pam Terry, 5th grade teacher

I would like to ask more reflections questions at the end of all 3 self-portrait projects. I would like to have the students write in their journals as to which self-portrait inferred the most characteristics about themselves. In other words, which self-portrait really tells us visually who you are? -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist Do we have to stay with the same identical topic for next year and how do we use the students who weren't in the proceeding class working on the new projects? -Monica Skylas, visual arts teacher Do I have to stay with the same theme, or can it change? How can we insure that the students from each preceding grade are transitioned into the next CAPE teacher's room? If not all, how many is a reasonable number? Pam Terry, 5th grade teacher

More conversation with students at the end of the projects-critique perse. -Ellen Tritschler, teaching artist I am interested in working in small groups using a discovery method, creating a before and after presentation. Pam Terry, 5th grade teacher

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