Final Reflections

Using the novel Tuck Everlasting to enhance students ability to identify & illustrate figurative language & working with Ms. T & Mrs. Skylas allowed for further development & creativity during the project. . Students enjoyed listening to the song- "The Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell. Listening to the song allowed the students to create images that reflected words from the song which also helped in the development of their auditory and visual skills. K Towns - 4th grade teacher The total collaboration between classroom teacher, art teacher & teaching artist has developed to the point that we work closely to enhance the creative expression for the the students. The second year has made the project easier to develop & implement for the students. M. Skylas - Art Teacher The continuation of the metaphor project in the classroom was exciting because it challenged the students to work in a new media. The students switched from watercolor to acrylic paint and from paper to clear lamenting sheets. The students were amending their drawings so that they really captured their line of the Joni Mitchell song. Also, not only did they have an individual image but all the images were hung from clear wire on two brightly decorated hula hoops. Another interesting aspect to the process was that Ms. Towns and I played Joni Mitchell's song repeatedly during the four sessions. The students would softly sing along while they worked and they still were very engaged in their drawing and painting. - E. Tritschler, teaching artist

The level of questions that were on the student reflection sheet did not reflect the student knowledge on the subject. K. Towns - 4th grade Teacher & M. Skylas

Will the novel stay the same? Will I incorporate the same skills that were addressed this year? How will I use the journal more efficiently within my class & the art room? K. Towns - 4th grade teacher Could music somehow play a larger role in next years work? - E. Tritschler, teaching artist

Carving onto rubber blocks and block printing was done with the sixth grade this year. I would like to incorporate a simpler block printing method for the 4th graders especially if metaphors, similes and symbolism are key elements in next years language arts component of the integrated curriculum. - E. Tritschler, teaching artist

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