Final Reflections

This year all three of us felt that the 5th graders needed a new media for their self-portraits. Last year's 5th graders mainly created 2-D works of art. This year we decided to have the students use clay to create a 3-D self portrait sculpture. The students were excited to use the clay but they also realized how challenging it was to manipulate and shape the clay. - Pam, Monica and Ellen

Unfortunately, our idea of using clay worked up until a point. The students created their self portraits busts however there were issues with the kiln firing and the sculptures were only able to be fired once. We had wanted the students to add glaze for more details, but we were unable to do that.- Ellen

If we are to continue with the theme of identity for next year's literacy and art integration projects, we would like to see the students try to create caricatures. This may take the place of the Real Me/Alter Ego art project. - Ellen and Pam I would like to have next years 5th grade class try block printing and clay next year. As 4th graders this year, they painted quite a few of their projects and I would like for them to use new media. - Ellen

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