Final Reflections

Monica and I decided to have the sixth graders do block printing. We had them first practice by engraving into styro foam and creating a print from the foam. We then had them move onto the carving of a Soft-Kut block. I think they enjoyed both printing techniques and it worked well with their using it to create symbols. Their work was very simple yet direct. - Ellen

I would rethink the in-class work that I did with the sixth grade. We split the time between two projects and next time we need to limit it to one project. If students use photos of themselves again, rather than creating the tableau project, the students could download the photos as part of their PowerPoint presentations. - Ellen

I think the shield project that the sixth grade does at the very beginning helps them understand what symbols are. I would like to take this project further and eliminate all words- even their names. I would also like to try using a different media for the project.

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