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[caption id="attachment_3571" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Kira Jones"][/caption] My name is Ms. Kira Jones, a sixth grade teacher at John T. Pirie Fine Arts and Academic Center.  I have been a sixth grade teacher for eight years and teaching all eight years at Pirie. I really enjoy teaching language arts because I really enjoy reading novels and it allows me an opportunity to apply many of the reading skills and literary devices to our lessons.  In addition to applying what we learned I can also design some interesting art integration projects and technology project directly to our language arts curriculum. We read the novel The Road to Memphis by Mildred Taylor, and students really responded positively to the text, themes and controversial  issues.  The students really enjoyed reading this novel it kept their interest and they were kept up with their reading and students were prepared weekly to discuss the assigned chapters during their literature circles. My overall feedback of the PDP program is that it was a positive and enjoyable experience for me.  I was able to keep the interest of my students and engage them in constructive and controversial dialogue that encourage some thought provoking and intellectual talks that in many cases was driven by the students.   It was an excellent experience for me as I developed students dialogue.  

Work Plan


Inquiry: How does your art work connect to what you are reading in your class novel? What is your art work representing?

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