Final Reflections

Staff Professional Development: At the beginning of the school year, during the PD Days, Ellen Tritschler, the teaching artist,  and I presented information on the who, what & where for the Portfolio Design Project.

Community Art Making Event:  On December 16th Pirie school hosted a Literacy Night.  That evening the whole school was a buzz with reading and reading activities.  The librarian was in the gym with the Scholastic Book Fair, the principal was in the library doing Fairy Tale Jeopardy,  classroom teachers were doing read alouds and I was in the art room creating bookmarks with parents and students.  Clifford the big red dog was even walking around.

Teaching Artist Reflection: The collaboration with Mrs. Bennett as the new 4th grade teacher was very successful. She was very receptive to the visual art work so much that she even did an arts integrated project with her students in her classroom. MCLT Reflection: This year with the addition of Mrs. Bennett as the new 4th grade teacher, I knew everything was going to work out. Mrs. Bennett was involved last year with the 5th grade CAPE Music PDP, so she had an idea of what the PDP project was & how it worked. Both Ms. T & myself helped her design the visual art work to go along with the classwork for the book, "Tuck Everlasting". We gave her some ideas from last year and then adapted it to fit her literacy class work. Teacher Reflection:I found integrating Art and Literacy to be a challenge in the beginning. I came into the CAPE program as a novice, I was unsure of what to do, and how to effectively incorporate the two disciplines. In the past two years I have learned a lot, I now feel confident about integrating core academic subjects. I found the ideas that were shared upon between myself and the art teacher to work fine; we manage to face each challenge as another opportunity to learn something new. I believe that CAPE program worked because we all had a common goal----Enlighten the minds of all the students we come across.

Teaching Artist Reflection: I liked that we concentrated on one art form and could be focused on watercolor, however I thought at times some students may have become bored with the process. MCLT Reflection: I feel that when working with the fourth graders, sometimes they get side tracked by other issues going on in the classroom. We spent more time than anticipated giving the students the beginning basics of working with both myself and Ms. T and keeping them focused and on task. We could have used more time explaining the skills we were trying to teach. Teacher Reflection:I think it would be a good idea if the students spent more time analyzing and brainstorming ideas in their journals. The students did use the journals, but not as often as I would have like for them to during classroom Literacy instruction.

Teaching Artist Reflection: I agree with Mrs. Skylas that it would have been nice to do one more project related to the novel. MCLT Reflection: If we would have had more time, would we have been able to create another project relating to "Tuck". Teacher Reflection: How do I keep this wonderful program going in??? Are there any additional resources or grants that I could apply for to help with funding for materials for my classroom in the future?

Teaching Artist Reflection: I would suggest a new novel for arts integration in the future. MCLT Reflection: More use of the journal and the students should bring the book into the art room to due some reading. Teacher Reflection: More writing and brainstorming of ideas in the journal.

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