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Ms BennettMy Name is Tyinnia L. Bennett a proud 4th grade teacher at John T. Pirie. I have been apart of the Pirie staff for a year and a half. I have enjoyed educating the future generation. I have found my time at Pirie School to be both challenging and rewarding. I came to Pirie School as a new teacher, the staff was so encouraging and supportive. I was introduced to the CAPE program by a wonderful music teacher named Robin DaSilva. The CAPE program gave my students the opportunity to learn about music while using the literacy frameworks to enhance their learning. This year I have been given the opportunity again to partake in the excitement of working with CAPE. I look forward to a fun filled year of working with Monica Skylas and Ellen Tritschler as we incorporate art into the literacy frameworks to brighten the minds of my 4th grade class.


Work Plan


Big Idea: Change

Literacy Question: How can we/students collaboratively work with literary devices to create meaningful experiences?

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Year Three

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