Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: Working with the fifth grade is always a pleasure because both Ms. Terry and her students are always very invested in arts integration. Writing, reading and visual art were truly integrated throughout the sessions. The bio poems are also a very strong project through which to begin the arts integration process. MCLT Reflection: The third year of the PDP was easier because we were able to rely on Ms. Terry for large amount of input into the creation of the art work for the class. Much of the work was done in both the classroom & finishing in the art room. The students knew that their teacher was invested in the work in both rooms. Many days Ms. Terry would come into the art room to lend her ideas & help for the students. Teacher Reflection: The bio poems lent themselves easily and fluidly to the concept of the self-portraits. They provided a reference for creating visual images of themselves and symbols for themselves.

Teaching Artist Reflection: Unfortunately the school's kiln was not working so we had to scrap our idea of working with clay. MCLT Reflection: The problem was that half of the 4th grade students who were involved in the visual art PDP were put in the other fifth grade room which meant we had to reteach some of the basic skills the we worked on in the 4th grade to the rest of the class. This took extra time that hampered more involved projects. Teacher Reflection: The focus on the novel was prolonged due to testing and internal mandates which took away from the students enthusiasm. It was too drawn out and not enough continuity between what was going on between the language art class and the art room as well as the teaching artist schedule.

Teaching Artist Reflection: How can we integrate new self-portrait projects? MCLT Reflection: If this were going to continue, I would like to have the whole 4th grade class, for a more focused and prepared group of students. Teacher Reflection: How could I as a classroom teacher, have more control over scheduling more minutes of instructional reading time to finish the novel in a more timely manner?

Teaching Artist Reflection: I think the journal could be a traveling journal with this class not just for this program but even in future art classes. MCLT Reflection: I would like to see a new book selected and that the journals are used more between the classes. Teacher Reflection: I would like to select a new novel, so I can create different art work based on literacy.

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