Final Reflections

Teaching artist reflection: It has been exciting to see these students work on their final projects in the program. We introduced block printing and they were very focused in creating their prints. We had the students practice with styrofoam printing first to give them an idea of how to print. This was a building block that lead to the carving of the rubber blocks for the larger block prints. MCLT reflection: Working with these students for three years, we were able to go back into the journals & portfolios to review the skills that they should know for the completion of the new projects. The students stayed focused and attentive in taking directions for using new tools and techniques. Ms. Jones came into the art room to look at the students work while they were working. She gave positive encouragement and reinforcement to her students which made them work harder. Teacher reflection: In my third year working with the Art teacher and Visual Artist it was a team effort which resulted in our students success. We achieved the goals of CAPE through art integration between the classroom and curriculum. The projects reflected the calloboration amongst the team and the students were able to build upon their knowledge from year one through year three. The team calloboration worked to produced beautiful student art work.

Teaching artist reflection: I don't think anything didn't work, but it was challenging at times because we didn't want the diverse learners to fall behind because at times they didn't come to class on time. MCLT reflection: Again we had some of the former 5th graders moved to the other 6th grade room. With the addition of some of the diverse learners into the art class, some time was used to reteach some of the skills and that they were not in the regular class for the reading of the book. Teacher reflection: This year was challenging for me because this was year two to fully implement the common core curriculum for both reading and math and year three for our Cape students. For new students, I could not spend as much time with them to get them up to speed. However, with the support of our art teacher and the visual artist they could provide additional support when needed.

Teaching artist reflection: How can the sixth graders keep a portfolio of the three years of their work for themselves as they graduate from Pirie this year? MCLT reflection: How can the diverse learners be incorporated into the regular class for the literacy component of the project? How can we complete harder more complicated projects with the time that we are given? Teacher reflection: How can we incorporate or modify projects to meet our special needs students where they are? How can we incorporate more time on projects.

Teaching artist reflection: I think students should be able to show their families the work they have created over the three years in this program. MCLT reflection: I would like to have the 6th grade students involved in the gallery selection process, so that they understand the amount of time and effort is used in the display of artwork. I would like to see another book to read and compare with this book. Teacher reflection: I would like a student more involved in the planning and selection of our art projects. It would be beneficial to get students more involved in our team meetings and invite a student representative to attend some of our CAPE Professional Development Meetings.

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