John and Tim had settled on image and text as a topic for the unit

John came in and gave a lecture about image and text together, introducing the students to artists such as Barbara Kruger, and Rene Magritte.  Tim and John participated in a discussion with the students about how text and image play off of each other.  The students  looked at examples of how image are used for inferencing in advertising

Students selected their own words, conducted image search on the internet.  They discovered various tactics in researching imagery.  They sought antonyms and synonyms to help with their search.  They were looking into how the languages you use structures the images you find on line.

Students selected their images, then moved into the studio to create their four works.

Classroom Teacher

Tim Hart has taught at Ravenswood for 18 years.  He has worked in integration for all of those 18 years.  Presently he teaches 5th grade.  He has taught 4th -8th grade.  Tim's interest in the project lies in the idea of how we bend language and investigating the depth of language.  He hopes to push his student's higher level thinking skills and critical analytical skills as they move into a more complex visual world.

Work Plan

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Year Two
Year Three

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