Final Reflections

Relationship building, learning how to work together, I scheduled more time with these classes. -Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher Students understood and benefited from the connections between art room activities and social studies research. - John Neff, Teaching Artist

The inability to take work home. I would like to balance the hours with John between me, the teacher. -Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher The final "World's Fair" presentation wasn't fully integrated into the classroom / art room exchange. -John Neff, teaching artist

What kind of work are we doing around assessment in the data way? Are we looking to increase scores? Is this tied to Common Core? -Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher Could the literacy component be strengthened? -John Neff, teaching artist

Catalog of exhibit Social issues project to carry the inquiry into 7th grade -Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher A full project schedule / plan from school year's beginning. -John Neff, teaching artist

Year One
Year Two
Year Three

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