Final Reflections

This experience has taught us so much about all the different aspects of inquiry and how arts integration can play a role in deepening the students learning.  We created a document to develop our staff on arts integration throughout the inquiry cycle.  Arts in the Inquiry Cycle  Working with John Neff helped us develop ways to enter into subjects through looking at Art and digging deeper in the inquiry process through making art and sharing our learning through the Arts.   We also spent a great deal of time thinking about our portfolio development.  The reflection questions we ask of the portfolio should be simpler language.  When we add new vocabulary we need to front load the language.  We also decided that our students not only struggle with problem solving but problem finding as well.

When we became really critical in our self evaluation we felt that there was a lot of doing without thinking.  We need to set a criteria for excellence which we are addressing with a rubric for the various aspects of the inquiry cycle.  We felt that we needed to have follow up conversations with student responses.  Students need to be better at explaining their choices.

The exchange between the art room and the classroom was excellent. We were able to use the umbrella concept of "visualizing change over time" to bring together a lot of very different activities. - John Neff, Teaching Artist

The construction / format of the map still needs work. - John Neff, Teaching Artist

Could we schedule the project more tightly? - John Neff, Teaching Artist

Larger, simpler map with more room for research information. Even more student group work. - John Neff, Teaching Artist

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