Final Reflections

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Teaching Artist Reflection: Deep research into curatorial practice - our trip the Field Museum, in-class lectures - really strengthened the unit this year. And, as Kitty mentioned, bringing an art studio into the classroom intensified the connection between art- and classroom learning. MCLT Reflection: We constructed a secondary art studio in the middle school social studies and language arts room (art studio 2.0) implying that the arts are integral to the learning that happens in those classes. Visual Arts has become a modality for learning and exploring in John Catarello's classroom. Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: Again, I agree with Kitty. To little time in the building, or too long between sessions, weakened the integration at a few key points. MCLT Reflection: As always time is a challenge by the nature of the elementary setting. The students at some points have a disjointed experience with lessons being spread over weeks and the connection can get lost or diluted. Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: Could we make a unit that focused entirely on curatorial practice? MCLT Reflection: How could technology help us in our quest for developing the perfect portfolio Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: I'd like to present more art-historical and curatorial studies in the classroom. MCLT Reflection: I want to explore the tools of technology to push the portfolio collecting to have a more comprehensive experience of reflection for the students Teacher Reflection:

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