Fort Dearborn Elementary School

In this first year, students were asked look at art making as a process through the construction of a large soft sculpture,and to explore that process with no knowledge of what the end product would be. Students were asked to work collaboratively in decision making and problem solving. Finally, students installed their soft sculpture outdoors and documented its transformation as it was altered by nature. This was done through photos and writing.


          Fort Dearborn Elementary School is a K-8 fine arts school in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. Our faculty and staff work diligently to provide rich and diverse educational experiences for our students, integrating the arts into all areas of the curriculum.

Kimberly Houston-Moore is a visual arts specialist, finishing up her fifth year as a Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher at Fort Dearborn. Prior to the fine arts program, she was a regular classroom teacher for 15 years.

Ellen Tritschler is a visual artist who works in both painting and drawing as well as ceramics. Her clay work consists of both functional  and decorative ceramics pieces. She has been working as teaching artist in Chicago over the past 17 years at various Chicago Public Schools through Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education. She holds a B.A. in fine art from DePaul University, a B.F.A. in ceramics from The School of the Art Institute (SAIC) and a Master's of Art in Art Education from SAIC. She has also been a faculty member of the International Academy of Design and Technology teaching introduction design courses.
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