Final Reflections

Comment from Classroom Teacher Mrs. Bohman:

Working with CAPE encouraged my students to think critically.  Students had to creatively apply content knowledge through a process oriented design project.  Students had to balance their own creative choices with fundamental principles of sound as they created their own instrument.  The design process encouraged collaboration as students provided feedback to each other that encouraged reflection and revision.  The students work with CAPE not only integrated music and science but reinforced the same intellectual processes that students encounter in the reading and writing workshop.

Susan Bohman

4th Grade Teacher, Talcott

In this 4th grade class, the connection to the classroom with sound properties was smoother -- we were able to connect science concept with music easily. Students were able to explore and experiment with the drums. This helped them make a connection with the instrument. Students also worked in small groups to create vocables, 4 beat rhythms and present to the class. We were also able to have the students create their own original piece using rhythms from original american folk songs. The students really liked creating their original song.

Students were having difficulty understanding the difference between beat and rhythm and high/low vs. loud and soft.

What can we do to help students understand difference between beat and rhythm? What is the next step -- will the students explore more American music or go into a different culture? How can I assess the students fairly when working with the artist?

Expanding on creating original songs by the students instead of already composed songs.

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