Santa Spector and students

Santa Spector and students

Ms. Spector wanted to explore the impact of economic choices with her students; in particular, how potential career paths determine financial success, and especially, how the choices they make right now with regard to their studies will affect the rest of thir lives. Students will study the work lives of children in Illinois prior to child labor laws, and compare their own lives in order to better conceptualize work. What is work? What is my job? How is school my job? Students will explore this topic in writing with Lisa in order to create lyrics for their own work song.

The objectives of this lesson defined human resourcesgoodsincomeserviceswagesand human capital. Ms. Ramos, our music teacher and I have been working with Ms. Golda music/opera singer. Mr. Jones, technology teacher  and Ms. Chuprevich our librarian, have been playing an important part in integrating our class lessons, as well, during the second quarter of 2012-2013 school year to enhance our students’ growth in the academic curriculum. Most important, our students gained a better understanding…because repetition increases understanding… and we definitely want that!

Students were able to write their own songs with Ms Ramos and Ms. Lisa addressing the objectives. They learned about different occupations by reading about a girl named Heather that learns about earning money in technology class with Mr. Jones.  Students will also read Country Mouse, Town Mouse, with Ms. Chuprevich’s.  Finally, I bridged this lesson in Spanish, with assessments and complemented with more reading and writing in Spanish.

It was a pleasure working with Ms. Golda and my colleagues during this endevour.

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Our work plan: Discuss Wages vs. Salary: What is the difference? How do we prepare to secure salaried jobs? What are my "jobs" as a child? as a student? How does my job performance right now affect my future career? What are positive student "job" behaviors? What habits can students establish to set up positive academic outcomes? Explore these concepts in writing with teaching artist Lisa Golda Study work songs in Music Class Create lyrics for/compose our own work song and perform it
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